The Stranger I Met


tall, brown hair

extremely tall to a

six year old.

He is Daddy to me

but I know little of him

sometimes, he's at dinner-

once in a blue moon,

he has yellow wire-rim glasses

and darker skin than mine.

I wonder what he's like?

when he's happy, he smiles

when he's angry he yells a lot

if I'm naughty, he spanks me- I don't like it

yelling hurts my ears-ouch

please don't yell

Visit his office

big building, tall and brown

we wait to be cleared

What's with this secrecy? I'm only 8

My hazel eyes wide in wonder

colors: orange, brown and solemn tan

Up the stairs

hallways brown paneled silence

our feet pad softly on the carpet.

hi daddy!-wearing his work ID card,

Naming him something other than


Rare nights I saw him

One late night, 10:00

(late for me) he walks in the door

black briefcase down.

Boy, he gets home late.

Why do my friends' dad's come home


I'm 11 now; we're moving away.

Dad becomes a TV/VCR repairman

no more foreboding offices

security clearance, late nights

Home from school at 4 and

Dad! You're here!

I don't always take time to

talk with him-silly me

but something changes for the better


tall with brown hair

he has yellow, wire-rim glasses

and darker skin than mine

sometimes he's angry and yells-

oops-so do I.

He's happy a lot too and he laughs-

LOUD and long and clear.

He likes sports and engineering and

books and poetry and music

I can always hear him

in a crowd.

He's good at math-my tutor in fact.

He has a new job now.

It's 7:00 or 6:30 even and he

walks through the door to have dinner with us

That's my Dad, I know him now.

That's my Dad, the best I could've asked for.