Carlmont Graduation 1992

If you look for me

I will be in the rays of sun

close to your heart

far from the mix of emotion

cause of so much pain in me.

If you look for me

I will be running through the

ocean waves basking in the coldness

sinking into my bones as I am

unaware of the chill it brings.

If you look for me

I will be sitting very still

in the tall grass

awash in dandelions


trying to decide whether to leave

or stay.

If I look for you

When this day is done,

I shall find you on the path of Life

searching for the fork in the road,

the one you will go down-without me.

If I look for you, I hope to find you,

some months or years since,

alive in this whirlwind world of ours;

I hope to find you happy-

I hope to find you on a merry-go-round.

And when we are old, I will find you,

you will find me.

I hope we may say to one another:

"I have changed somebody's world."

And we will come back together

to return to the beginning of

the circle where we all began-

so many years ago.

-sjf '92