Details of earlier work


7/81 - 6/85

Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA (IBM compatible Mainframes)

reference to Amdahl at the time of this work can be found at

Manger: Power, Cooling, and EMC

6 - 14 people; 90% engineers

Department was responsible for Amdahl 5890 Power (supplies,sensors, power control ) and Cooling system design (fan selection, ducting, sensors, verification). My group experienced no employee generated turnover during the four years. Because of reliability and speed the 5890 was the most lucrative machine in Amdahl history. My team provided major system reliability and ease of use design changes.

10/77 - 6/81

Elliott Control Co., Burlingame, CA (408) 637-3761

Electrical equipment manufacturer of medium voltage motor starters. (20 employees)

-Chief Engineer responsible for 1) Development of a new products and 2) Sales Order engineering (customizing the product to the customers specific application).

·Also responsible for all operating decisions during nine month owner's sabbatical. Engineering department varied in size from 2 to 6 engineers). Company reached peak sales of 2 million dollars (200 units) in 1980.

·Supervised design and development of a major new product (5 KV, 360 Amp Vacuum-switched Motor Controller - Type 230). Product has been successfully marketed since its introduction in March 1980 and is the primary product today.


BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit District), Oakland, CA

Vehicle Engineer

- Responsible for vehicle propulsion system (SCR Chopper) reliability improvement project Instrumented and ran tests on chopper and motors in what became the engineering test vehicle.

6/75-1077 Group Manager-Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Systems(8 engineers).

Major contribution was improvement of propulsion system reliability; MTBF doubled during 1976, increasing transit car availability from 50 to 85%.

* During 1972-73 my wife and I traveled through Europe.

10/68 - 2/72

Westinghouse R & D Center, Churchill, PA.

Design Engineer

Power Conversion Group - As a circuit designer, developed new solid state power control circuitry for 1 kva to 200 kva equipment. Designed and built prototypes of the digital/analog feedback control and power circuitry for SCR frequency converters and inverters. These controls permitted closed and open loop regulation of current, voltage, and frequency. Linear and digital ICs and discrete components were used in the control circuits (PLLs).