Director, Hardware Design Engineering

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah


Super-computer Group, A Start-up Team based in Mountain View, CA.

Manager of Hardware Development & Diagnostics

The ES-1 was a custom CMOS moderately parallel (128 cpu) super-computer rated at 1.6 Gigaflop.The minimum system included an air cooled two-by-sixteen Processor building block CPU frame, and separate I/O Cabinets which host disk RAID and tape arrays.

My group of 16 engineers (incl. 4 group leaders) had complete responsibility for the hardware design and debug/diagnostics implementation of the ES-1 super-computer. This included: electrical/electronic sub-systems, signal quality, pcb design, I/O subsystems including logic design, Mechanical and micro-mechanical packaging including Appearance, UL/EMC regulatory compliance, power and cooling systems, all diagnostic software for bringup, and manufacturing/field support for the system.

This project was completed in three years starting from an empty building with 8 employees to finished and beta-shipped product with 150 employees. During the three years only two employees in my group moved to other jobs.