Director, Hardware Design Engineering

Acuson Corp., Mountain View, CA; 650-969-9112


2/90- 6/99

Acuson designs and manufactures high performance Ultrasound Medical Imaging equipment. Acuson's equipment is used extensively as a diagnostic aid (like MRI) in four key medical markets: Radiology, Cardiology, Obstetrics and Vascular diagnosis. Acuson has the largest 1997 sales dollar volume in Medical Ultrasound.

Starting in 1990 as the project manager of power and OEM subsystems my group's on-time deliveries of these subsystems involved me more strongly in overall hardware development, eventually moved me to the position described above. I have managed an expense budget of 8 million dollars/year for the past five years. My group's record continues to be one of meeting milestones and staying on budget. The most challenging issues these last few years have been control of attrition and active hiring in an over employed silicon valley.

The present hardware design group (9 managers, 30 electrical engineers, 7 mechanical engineers, 3 CAE tools programmers, 12 technicians and 5 printed circuit designers) designed all hardware in the second generation Sequoia Ultrasound system and is responsible for all corporate electronic and mechanical hardware design. The designs include three platforms. These platforms use 128 very high performance, broadband RF (to 21 MHz), low noise, extreme dynamic range, analog/digital channel amplifiers; digital/analog transmitters with complete control of pulse shaping, phase and amplitude; 3 Intel processor subsystems using real-time unix operating systems and over 1 million lines of code, a complete 60 frames per second, 640x480 pixel RGB scan conversion system and digital motion image processing system with 6 different analog and digital video/audio output formats including RS232 and 10/100 base-T ethernet.

The groups recent output and product, SEQUOIA, was released in July 1996 and is the market technology leader. The Sequoia system has retained its price margin $70.000 above competition as evidence of its solid leadership position.