Birgitte Hammers Vei 5

Our Home


The nicest home we ever rented!

A view of Oslo Fjord

In the town of Nordstrands Høgde

We learned Norwegian. My children grew into teenagers and had first real girlfriends. My daughter being younger learned the language perfectly. Many of the best and the most difficult things happened to my family here. 1960 saw everyone of us having major surguries. Cass worked on F-4's for the Norwegian Air Force.

Marines taught my boys scouting in the oldest way, hikes up mountain sides on skiis, camping in harsh rain in the high plains in floorless tents, building fires to cook many miles from civilization. It was thus. We became much richer as a family. Our tours of the continent were fabulous. All of my children have gone back to visit.

Our Norwegian friends were wonderful people as were our American friendships developed there.