Down here on the lake
the pressures of life seem diminished
Happiness glows with new light
like an old oak chest now refinished.

In the dark grey cold of January
summers light in that tunnel is dimmest
But sustain me it does
where remembered hope's strands are the thinnest.

Down here on the lake
time and friendships can last forever.
Dinners are best served late
and wine turns friends and talk toward clever.

On country skis cross the lake in winter
the chill, the cold, and the ice
Make visits to places abandoned
a thirst slaking band of pure choice.

Down here on the lake
imagination mulls leaves not yet turned further over
A blending of life's joys and beliefs.
while past sorrows ashes lie buried in clover.

First ducklings floating are new thawn,
as April sun and rain come entering.
Rainbow glints from surfaces at dawn,
cold chains on us now unfettering.

Down here on the lake
I let peacefulness reign
Ripples from my surface flee;
the mind's waltzes quite simply regained.

Down here on the lake
hard reality takes a vacation
My soul swims alone and not lonely
in this holy summer re-creation.

And it is with this rebirth
my private communion I take.
To prepare again for winter's coming
far away and down here.... on the lake.

geoff fernald 1986