Three Body Boarders at the Sea

Just kids really
triangle alliance
of silhouettes
black wet-suit regalia
at low tide

casting no shadows
they are shadows,
assessing the waves
dark feet in brine
standing in line

They rattle together with
that freedom to learn,
and as friends
showing off neither
evident nor needed.

Light, bright on sea foam,
entices. The crash of waves
the knowledge of power,
water cliff and pounding,
hold them back.

Suddenly emboldened,
three black fish on man-made foam
swim forth, arms thrashing
to reach far out, waves unbroken,
well beyond young nerves.

And turning abruptly
riding the downslope
one falls off its cliff edge
another over-ended
the last left behind.

Momentary aloneness
in private battles of
elemental forces
splits and divides
till gasping re-mergence

visible, each making sure
others are safe.
rejoining at waves edge.
Beauty in the cleansing
and battle the sea is,

gf 92