A story of directness
of clean and simple lines
Not pulling ones attention
Not busily confined

Amish lives are simple
From that they are intense
Time is spent on few things
Mending, farming, sense.

'English' ways are different
pressing lists to do
Filling yes our lives up
Activity pulls us through!

Never noticed absence
of life in our discord.
Never moved to change it
too busy racing worlds.

Until the nine square quilt
entered eyes on through,
left its deepening color
on hearts, an open pew.

Simple peace and plainness
not as far from here
maybe only light years
depends on how I hear.

A faith in modest ends,
Akin to eastern followings
Amish ways lead cleanly
Filling up one's hollowings.

So midst our noise and bussel
when feelings tear and stir,
revise long lists from fridges,
delete un-needed blur.

gf 91