Geoff Fernalds 1997 (Updated March 2015)

A Personal Prostate Cancer Journey


Seventeen years later:

14 years after my conformal X-Ray treatment for prostate cancer my PSA began to rise again. I was treated with Lupron and Casodex with different regimens worked out between my doctor and myself. After about 17 years the PSA kept rising in spite of testosterone suppression. We believed it to have become castrate resistant, but we ended up wrong on that score.

My Prostate cancer had mutated into Bladder cancer which had spread to many organs as well as wrapped around the prostate. A biopsy of the prostate had verufued this change. Due to the extensive spread of the cancer tumors, immediate chemo therapy has started. My liver tumors are reducing as will others more predictably.

My main purpose in updating this web site is to warn long time survivors of X-radiation treated prostate cancer that there is a possibility that the radiation mutates bladder DNA and might lead to this change. Data is still early on this so it is not conclusive and I suggest it only as something to look at if your PSA rises, get a new prostate biopsy to determine cancer cell type, you might catch it earlier than I did and have better long term chances of survival.

Additionally, the DaVinci robotic surgery robot seems to reduce recovery times and side effects I have been told by a recent neighbor.

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This information summarizes my 3D conformal external Xradiation treatments at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto California in mid-1997 at the age of 52.


April 16 Beginnings: PSA and Diagnosis


May 11 Decision


Radiation Specifics including Dose Density images


TR Ultrasound Images


Radiation Treatment : How it felt:

July 11 Week 1 of Radiation

Week 4

Week 7.5 - The End

Testoserone Free - A male tale of interest to everyone.


Post Radiation: Body, Feelings and Followup

PSA Plot

8 Weeks Later

Follow-Up Info: 3 months after

Follow-Up Info: 6 months after

Follow-Up Info: 1 year after

Follow-Up Info: 3 years after


Reference Books


Compiled by Geoff Fernald, the patient. September 16, 1997 and later.